Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Prevent heat exhaustion.

With this recent heat wave that California has experienced staying cool(ish) and continuing to remain active is a challenge for everyone. Keeping from getting overheated takes effort, whether your goal is to stay at home and just survive the heat or somehow get some exercise. Heat exhaustion occurs when the body is no longer adequately able to keep its temperature controlled. The daytime temperature may be out of our control but there are a number of things that we can do to prevent heat stroke/exhaustion. Here are a few suggestions that may help during the heat:

1.  Wear light colored, breathable, loose fit clothing. 
2.  Know how hot it will be during your any planned activities.
3.  Protect your skin from the sun with some sunscreen. (Minimum SPF 15)
4.  Hydrate well before and during outside activities. 
5.  Limit caffeine or alcohol. 
6.  Avoid sitting in a hot car or garage. 
7.  Take frequent breaks during activity. 
8.  Plan activities around cooler times of the day. 
9.  Ask your doctor or pharmacist if your medications may be effected by the excessive heat. 
10. Use misters or a wet rag for cooling down when possible.

See the video link also discussing signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion: 

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